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We are not your typical broker.

We offer comprehensive insurance consultive services that rival larger agencies, but with a key difference – we’re built to be the best. Our consultant approach embraces checks and balances compared to everything “in-house” approach. We are service before sales that hand-select top partners based on your needs.

We have three core principles

Challenging the status quo: Making small adjustments and repackaging your Benefits Plans is a formula for more of the same. We work with our clients and bring to bear new approaches.

Improving outcomes: Getting people the right care, helping them avoid health problems, and selecting providers who do it well all improve outcomes while reducing costs.

Transparency: Costs in healthcare are far too opaque, and that often includes your broker relationship. We are always fully transparent with our costs.


The Elevate Experience


We challenge the existing insurance model and provide you with a range of options.


We help you, and your employees understand how your benefits work. More importantly, we help your employees to get better outcomes at a lower cost.


When you or your employees have issues or something isn’t right, we roll up our sleeves and advocate on your behalf.


Our costs are transparent, and we don’t make more when you spend more.


Health Rosetta Certified

Health Rosetta is a nationally recognized blueprint for health benefits, mandating things like transparency, quality, value, and fiduciary behavior – all elements generally missing from the current system.

Let's see if we can save you money and add value.

Whether you’re searching for your company’s first benefits plan or shopping for a new one, we can help you understand your options and make the best choice for you and your employees.


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